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Keep Your Skin Smooth

We can provide full-body waxing services in Charlotte, NC

When you shave, your body hair grows back in only a few days. But when you wax it, your skin stays smooth for much longer. For excellent full-body waxing services, you can visit Beauty Concierge Wax & Beauty Studio in Charlotte, NC.

We can use nontoxic, cruelty-free hard wax to remove hair from any part of your upper body, such as your:

We'll prepare by cleansing and oiling or powdering your skin. Then, we'll apply a high-quality wax. Contact us now to book waxing services like full-body waxing.

Choose from a range of lower body waxing services

Looking for gentle waxing services with hypoallergenic wax? We've got you covered. Instead of using painful sugar wax or strips of fabric, we'll use hard wax to provide inner thigh, full or partial butt, bikini line, full bikini or Brazilian wax services. We can also wax your knees, toes and legs. Talk to us today to find out more about Brazilian wax or other waxing services.

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Enjoy the benefits of waxing

Tired of razor bumps and ingrown hairs? At Beauty Concierge Wax & Beauty Studio, we understand how frustrating prickly regrowth can be. That is why we offer safe and gentle full-body waxing and Brazilian wax services in Charlotte, NC. Many people prefer waxing over shaving because...

Your hair doesn’t grow back as quickly
You lower your chance of rashes and itching
You have fewer ingrown hairs to deal with
Your hair will grow back thinner and lighter

Since waxing removes your hair from the root, your skin will stay smoother for longer. Call 803-336-5245 today to book a full-body waxing appointment.