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Get Rid of Facial Hair

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Want to shape your eyebrows or remove hair from your upper lip? You can come to Beauty Concierge Wax & Beauty Studio, where we use vegan, hypoallergenic wax for facial hair waxing in Charlotte, NC.

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We'll help you get the silky-smooth look and feeling that you want. To book facial hair waxing services, call 803-336-5245 now.

How will we wax your skin?

Before providing services like eyebrow waxing, we'll start by cleansing your skin. This prevents infection and helps us remove as much hair as possible. Next, we'll apply oil or powder and a cruelty-free hard wax in sections. We'll allow the wax to set and then remove it gently.

This process allows us to remove hair thoroughly without strip waxing or sugar waxing. To find out more, talk to us today.